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Linocut Printmaking - By Grade

All Linocut lessons will begin with a visual presentation introducing the students to the topic and objectives, providing motivation for the art lesson. Students will learn about different lines, patterns and textures that they will incorporate into their own dynamic print.

Students will experience the different materials and the process required to complete a linocut print. Using their imagination, students will explore various ideas through sketching, then select their favorite elements to carve and print their final image.

Under the Sea: Pre- K & Kindergarten  | BOOK NOW!
Descend into the underwater world! Create images of fish and aquatic creatures that come to life in 
an imaginative seascape. 

Spectacular Seasons: Grade 1 & 2  | BOOK NOW!
Four distinct seasons; let’s explore the small and great changes happening in our environment.

The Arctic and the Inuit: FNMI · Grade 2 · All Grade Levels | BOOK NOW! 
Explore the Arctic by looking at Inukshuks, whales and other arctic animals and their connection to the Inuit culture.

Stable Structures: Grade 3+  | BOOK NOW!
Explore different types of architecture and design with images of bridges, towers and buildings in an original cityscape.

Alberta Landscapes: Grade 4+ | BOOK NOW! 
Look at different regions of Alberta along with animals that inhabit them.
Canada Coast to Coast: Grade 5 · All Grade Levels | BOOK NOW! 
Have your students celebrate Canada by looking at various symbols and animals of Canada

A Tipi Story: FNMI · All Grade Levels  | BOOK NOW!
Learn about the three regions of the Blackfoot tipi and Cree animal symbolism.