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Linocut Printmaking - Celebrations

Linocuts make Memorable Gifts!
Celebrate special days with Imagination Academy.
All Linocut lessons will begin with a visual presentation introducing the students to the topic and objectives, providing motivation for the art lesson. Students will learn about different lines, patterns, and textures that they will incorporate into their own dynamic print.

They will learn about the different materials and the process required to complete a linocut print. Using their imagination, students will explore various ideas through sketching, then select their favorite elements to carve and print their final image.

Winter Holidays: All Grade Levels | BOOK NOW!
Snowflakes, reindeer and snowmen! What a wonderful time of year to create a linocut for someone you love. 

Fabulous Flowers: Mother's Day · All Grade Levels | BOOK NOW!
Beautiful Bouquets! Watch as the petals and plants fill the space as you create a unique hand printed card.

Start your Engine's: Father's Day · All Grade Levels | BOOK NOW!
Motivated by motors; in a racecar, relax on a boat, or take off to space!