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At Imagination Academy, our goal is to utilize art to inspire learning and to keep children creatively engaged. We are particularly interested in cross-curricular education. Promoting art as a vehicle to help children with comprehension and retention of subject matter. All printmaking programs have been derived from the curriculum set out for each grade.

We encourage students to try out multiple ideas with all art projects, creating a more exploratory and student-driven learning environment. This allows students of varying ability levels and learning styles to become engaged in the topic through the creative process. The sharing of ideas and sketches will make students aware of the variety of solutions available and to feel pride in their individual artwork.

Imagination Academy is looking forward to coming to your classroom to share the excitement of printmaking with you and your students.

Meet the Team: The Vision & Philosophy

Meghan Cooper | Founder • Instructor • Artist 
Bachelor of Design

Meghan has a Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Alberta where she studied Printmaking and Graphic Design. Imagination Academy grew from her deep desire to teach and foster creative thinking. She is very passionate about having each child create their own interpretation of a topic, to be proud of their own ideas and have that celebrated. Diversity of thought and artwork is her goal.

Being dyslexic, Meghan had to find strategies to assist her in the retention of curricular information especially in social studies and science. When looking back, all projects that included an art element were the most easily retained and understood. This realization lead to the creation of Imagination Academy. She wants to share her belief that 'the act of drawing' results in children having to process concepts more thoroughly and therefore, fostering deeper understanding.

Carlyn Clifford | Instructor & Artist
Bachelor of Education

Carlyn has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta and a Design Diploma from Grant MacEwan. She brings her enthusiastic knowledge of art and education into each classroom. Carlyn values all learning styles and is excited to visit your classroom and teach students through art. Her kind and encouraging teaching approach makes children feel confident and successful in their drawing abilities.

Carlyn is delighted to be part of the Imagination Academy team. Teaching drawing and printmaking is a wonderful way to enhance curricular learning - the exciting process makes learning fun and memorable!

Karen Lindsay | Education Consultant 
Bachelor of Education

Karen has a Bachelor of Education and 34 years of teaching experience in Elementary classrooms. She brings her extensive knowledge of the Alberta curriculum to enhance the development of programs offered by Imagination Academy. Having started her career as a Kindergarten teacher, she saw the value of experience-rich, hands-on programming and believes in the link between art and children’s ability to process information. 

Karen was enthusiastic to collaborate with Meghan regarding the alignment of art outcomes with social studies and science content. By pairing the skills of drawing and printmaking with the knowledge component of these subjects, students will enhance their learning while participating in an exciting process.