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Artist in Residence

During the Artist in Residence, all students/classes will participate in a 90 minute printmaking linocut lesson. Each art session will begin with a visual presentation and drawing lesson introducing the students to the theme chosen by your school. Students will explore different drawing techniques when working on their sketches (practice drawings). Next will be a printing demonstration where the students will learn about the printmaking process and materials used including: ink, slabs, brayers, printing plate, stylus and a printing press. Students will then create their own final drawing/carving and unique print. All students will come away with one linocut print and one linocut plate. 

Imagination Academy offers several Artist in Residence programs:

A Tipi Story Program
A Tipi Story, explores the three regions of Blackfoot Indigenous tipi design and symbolism of important animals to the Cree Indigenous culture. 

The Arctic and the Inuit Program
Students explore the Arctic by looking at Inukshuks, whales, ukpiks, seals and the polar bear and their connection to the Inuit culture.

Canada Coast to Coast Program
Have your student celebrate Canada by looking at various symbols, land forms, buildings and animals found across our country. 

Grade Specific Program
Students explore concepts with curricular links to art and social or science.

Under the Sea: Pre-K & Kindergarten
Spectacular Seasons: Grade 1 & 2
The Arctic and the Inuit: Grade 2 · All Grade Levels
Stable Structures: Grade 3+
Alberta Landscapes: Grade 4+
Canada Coast to Coast: Grade 5+ · All Grade Levels

Please visit the ‘Linocut Printmaking – By Grade’ page to view full descriptions of all the themes available. 

Funding Options
FNMI money can be used to fund the school-wide A Tipi Story program and the Arctic and the Inuit program.
Casino money can be used to fund these programs.
The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Grant is available to schools to help with Artist in Residence program costs; to learn more about it visit https://www.affta.ab.ca/funding/find-funding/artists-and-education-funding